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Richards-Wilcox Canada Flat Track

Colour Story
An innovative mix of patterns and textures along with a soothing colour palette of greys, creams, turquoise, and raspberry creates a luxuriously restful environment.

  • Beauti-Tone door colour: Morning Oatmeal
  • Beauti-Tone wall colour: Long John Grey
  • bedding is photo prop only

Barn Doors for Flat Track

by Darryl Allen

Flat track door systems are gaining popularity for use inside homes and can be used with any style of interior door! For an authentic rustic look to complement the room’s interior, we built our own traditional double-X framed barn door. It’s easily done with just a bit of basic pine stock, glue, and nails!


What You’ll Need
Makes two 33″ x 80″ doors

A quick note on your lumber selection: clear pine is typically free from knots and has a straight even grain, therefore it’s more expensive than common pine. Either can be used, depending on how rustic you want to go.



  • common or clear pine, dressed 4 sides
  • 1 x 4 pine (two 14′ boards)
  • 1 x 6 pine (seven 14′ boards)
  • 1 x 8 pine (one 14′ board)
  • small pack of 1″ brad nails
  • carpenter’s glue 2020-182
  • Beauti-Tone Acryl-Lok Primer
  • Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte 1858

Here’s How
Framing for one door:

  • Cut six 1 x 6 boards to 80″ lengths, laying them down side-by-side to form the base of the door.
  • Cut two 1 x 4 boards to 80″ lengths for the left and right sides of the door.
  • Spread a thin layer of wood glue on one side of the two 1 x 4 boards, and place them on top of the 1 x 6 boards, flush with the left and right sides of the door. Applying firm but gentle pressure, nail down the length of the boards in sets of two, every 6-8″, being careful to keep the outer edges flush.
  • for the three horizontal braces, measure and cut the 1 x 8 board. Glue and nail the three braces in place. Centre the middle brace on the length of the door. Clamps will help to properly square up the door and create a snug fit between the boards.

X Patterns

  • For the “X” patterns, measure the inner squares of the door and cut the pieces from a 1 x 6 board, using the photograph as a guide.
  • Apply a thin coat of glue to these pieces, and nail in place.
  • Repeat the steps above to create a second door to complete the set!
  • To finish, prime the doors with Acryl-Lok before painting with your colour choice of Designer Series Matte.