Spread good cheer all year long by transforming the glass of an existing picture frame into a dry-erase board message centre. A quick and easy project that is suitable for children.

Shopping List
• picture frame with glass
• latex paint, brushable or spray, in desired colour
• dry erase markers 7227-529
• chalk markers 4417-372/373
Here’s How
• Remove the glass to thoroughly clean it and let it dry.
• Apply paint to one side of the glass. Multiple coats may be required to achieve an opaque film. Let dry between coats.
• With the painted side of the glass facing in, place the glass back in the frame, and you’re done! 
Both dry erase markers and chalk markers are perfect for messaging. Just wipe with a damp cloth for a clean slate every time!
Create a larger dry-erase board from poster frames or sand the edges of cut glass and mount on the wall with mirror clips.