Ombre Chairs

Ombre is a hot trend in both fashion and your home. With Beauti-Tone paint it’s easy to achieve this desirable look.

I’ve decided to paint muskoka chairs with the ombre technique in order to add extra colour to my deck.  Here’s how you can recreate this project for your home.

First, start with a muskoka chair painted or stained in a single solid colour. The colour I’ve used is a gorgeous shade of green called Unforgettable (C28-3-1556-3). Next select a solid stain or paint colour for your ombre effect, it can be similar to your base colour or completely different depending on how dramatic of a look you want to achieve.  My accent colour is called Lime Sorbet (C28-6-1559-0), because it’s similar to my base colour it provides a beautiful monochromatic look.

Ombre Chairs - Step 1

You’ll need two brushes in order to create the ombre effect – one for each colour. The accent colour will be applied at the top of the chair and brushed down. You’ll then add an additional layer of the base colour about half way on the back of the chair and brush this colour up towards the accent colour.  When the two colours meet you’ll need to feather the colours together in order to get a nice gradual blend.

Ombre Blending

This technique is so simple to do and it leaves you with a beautiful one of a kind piece that is sure to stand out on your deck.